Research Polling

Public opinion research surveys on issues related to Big Tech harms and policy.

Prevalence of Design Harms Among Young People
Mar 29, 2023

New polling by Accountable Tech and LOG OFF finds that the design of social media and online platforms is actively harming U.S. teens.

California Voters Demand Tech Regulations To Protect Children
May 20, 2022

Polling from Accountable Tech and Data for Progress reveals that large majorities of voters across California are concerned by Big Tech’s business practices around children.

Parents Distrust Big Tech, Strongly Support Expanding Online Protections For Kids
Jul 28, 2021

A new poll by Accountable Tech and GQR Research reveals a majority of parents believe social media as dangerous for kids as e-cigarettes.

America’s Views on Surveillance Advertising
May 07, 2021

Polling from Accountable Tech and GQR reveals 81% of Americans support banning companies from collecting people’s personal data and using it to target them with ads.

Public Sentiment on Section 230, Antitrust Actions, Election Misinformation
Oct 23, 2020

Voters fear social media will aid election chaos; More concern about misinformation than bias; Not familiar with ‘Section 230,’ but want some liability for platforms.

Election Integrity on Social Media
Sep 25, 2020

With misinformation undermining the response to coronavirus, inflaming societal tensions, and threatening democracy, voters expect and demand more from social media platforms.

America’s Views on Big Tech, Facebook Boycott, Mark Zuckerberg
Jul 23, 2020

Polling from Accountable Tech and GQR reveals Americans overwhelmingly agree that social media companies should do more to combat online hate and misinformation.

The Need to Hold Big Tech Accountable During the Coronavirus Crisis
May 27, 2020

New polling from Accountable Tech and Navigator Research reveals significant, cross-partisan concern about the role of social media platforms in spreading disinformation.

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