We’re fighting to hold tech companies accountable through innovative approaches that call out their spread of misinformation and demand action to restore the integrity of their platforms and our democracy.

Tell Facebook: <span>Stop All Group Recommendations</span>

Tell Facebook: Stop All Group Recommendations

Hidden breeding grounds for disinformation campaigns and organizing platforms for extremists, Facebook Groups pose a singular threat to this election season.

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Demand Social Media Platforms Protect Democracy

Social media companies must act now to prevent the spread of dangerous election-related lies.

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Demand Social Media Platforms <span>Protect Democracy</span>
Facebook: <span>Turn Off The Algorithms</span>

Facebook: Turn Off The Algorithms

The Facebook news feed and recommendation tools promote hate for profit. It's time for Facebook to turn off the algorithms.

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Facebook’s Oversight Board Needs to Speak Up or Step Down

Take action to stop Facebook from profiting off hate and undermining democracy. It’s time for the Oversight Board members to speak up or step down.

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Facebook’s Oversight Board Needs to <span>Speak Up or Step Down</span>
Our Weekly Newsletter: <span>Technical Difficulties</span>

Our Weekly Newsletter: Technical Difficulties

A weekly newsletter highlighting stories you might have missed from the infocalypse, and providing thoughtful perspectives on the ones you didn’t.

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