Unchecked Big Tech is a threat to society and democracy.

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Google is Still Failing to Protect Privacy of Abortion Seekers



Data from seven states across the U.S. shows that Google still collects and retains Location History data for visits to abortion clinics despite the company promising in July 2022 to “delete these entries from Location History soon after they visit."

Zero Trust AI Governance



Accountable Tech, AI Now, and EPIC offer an antidote to self-regulation for artificial intelligence. Policymakers can take action today to rein in the most pressing threats posed by this new emerging technology.

Democracy by Design



With over 50 countries set to hold elections amidst tectonic geopolitical and technological shifts, 2024 will present unprecedented challenges for democracy. Accountable Tech worked with partners to create this content-agnostic election integrity framework for online platforms.

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Tell Google to Delete Users’ Location Data
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Based on our research, Google is still collecting and retaining sensitive location data that could be used to prosecute those seeking or assisting with reproductive health care. Join us in urging Google to stop this dangerous practice of data collection and retention.
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Stop Toxic Twitter
Active Campaign


Join us and partner organizations in calling on Twitter’s top advertisers to stop spending on the platform as Elon Musk has rolled back community and brand safety standards. A dollar to Twitter is a dollar to rising levels of hate, extremism, and disinformation on and offline.
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Ban Surveillance Advertising
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Big Tech’s toxic business model of surveillance advertising is fueling the spread of extremism and disinformation online by feeding users whatever content keeps them clicking and scrolling. Join us in urging Congress to ban surveillance advertising.
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In the News

Fast Company

May 17, 2024

Big Tech could give this 19th-century antiabortion law an Orwellian facelift
As you read this, Big Tech’s surveillance practices are already putting abortion seekers at risk. Tech companies have built multibillion-dollar empires by collecting, storing, and selling as much user data as possible. And despite their promises to the contrary, many of these companies are still hoarding abortion seekers’ sensitive location and search history data.
In the News
Vanity Fair

May 16, 2024

Why Congress’s AI Plan Was Doomed From the Start
The AI roadmap is “but another proof point of Big Tech’s profound and pervasive power to shape the policymaking process,” as Accountable Tech Co-Founder and Executive Director Nicole Gillput it Wednesday. “Lawmakers must move quickly to enact AI legislation that centers the public interest and addresses the damage AI is currently causing in communities all across the country.”

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Big Tech companies are some of the most powerful and profitable companies in history, presenting new threats to the safety of communities and the health of democracy. We’re taking them on through legislation, regulation and direct advocacy.