Accountable Tech On Minnesota Legislature’s Failure to Pass the Age Appropriate Design Code

For Immediate Release
May 22, 2023


Following the Minnesota Legislature’s failure to pass the Minnesota Age Appropriate Design Code, Accountable Tech Co-Founder and Executive Director Nicole Gill issued the following statement:

“Once again, elected officials have sided with Big Tech, choosing to prioritize their interests over the safety of Minnesota children. While the outcome is disappointing, we’re prepared to continue our fight to protect and empower young people online and bring the Age Appropriate Design Code back next session. We thank Representatives Bahner, Brand, Elkins, Fiest, and Stephenson, and Senators Maye Quade, Morrison and Wiklund for their efforts.”

Background on Accountable Tech’s work to protect kids and teens online:

  • Accountable Tech, together with a coalition of concerned families, took out a full page ad in today’s Star Tribune, calling out Big Tech for fighting the bill and putting profits over kids.

  • In March, Accountable Tech and LOG OFF released new polling showing that the design of social media and online platforms is actively harming U.S. teens.

  • In April, AT placed a full page ad in The Star Tribune and a takeover of their website. AT also targeted Minnesota state legislators with digital ads in support of the Minnesota Age Appropriate Design Code.

  • Last year, AT worked with local groups and teen activists to advocate for the passage of The California Age-Appropriate Design Code — a first-of-its-kind measure to protect the safety of children and teens online. The bipartisan bill passed unanimously in August.

  • AT supports the leadership of youth-led groups like Design It For Us, LOG OFF and Tech(nically) Politics, that use their voices to share why online spaces should be designed with them in mind.”

  • Learn more about Accountable Tech’s previous work on online safety for kids and teens HERE.


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