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Tech(nically) Politics: The Youth Voice

In Tech(nically) Politics’ mini-docuseries, thirty teens from around the country share their personal experiences with technology and social media and their hopes for the future of tech regulation.

Aliza Kopans
Aliza Kopans,
Sep 15, 2022

In order to govern a digital world that is safe for all, we need youth voices in the mix. As the first generation to grow up in a digital world, young people’s experiences should help guide the creation of laws that will profoundly impact how the internet affects us and the following generations. I co-founded Tech(nically) Politics to address this deficit of youth voices in the legislative space around tech regulation. 

During my first year at college, I interviewed more than 65 young people, documenting their experiences with tech and social media and their wishes for the future of tech regulation. I was astounded by the answers people gave, by the courageous vulnerability they took in letting their stories be captured by my phone’s camera and voice recorder. This summer, I spent much of my internship with Accountable Tech compiling the interviews into “The Youth Voice: A Tech(nically) Politics’ Mini-Docuseries.” 

Through “The Youth Voice,” we hope to empower individuals and communities to advocate for systemic change that will protect young people in the face of today’s evolving technology. Watch and engage with the six-episode series below:

Our Story: Tech(nically) Politics Intro 

As the first generation to grow up in this digital era, we know how we want to see the digital world change. In the intro video, learn more about the story behind this important docuseries.

Losing Well-Being: Tech(nically) Politics Episode 1

We will not sit back passively as tech platforms sacrifice our well-being for their revenue. From exploitative ads to attention commodification to dangerous social media rabbit holes, six young people reveal some of the biggest problems with our digital world.

Stuck on Screens: Tech(nically) Politics Episode 2

Why are tech companies allowed to put profit before people–especially us, the younger generation? Hear perspectives and solutions from six students who have become entangled in the sticky web of purposefully addictive technologies.

Comparison Culture: Tech(nically) Politics Episode 3

Social media eats away at our self-confidence and fuels harmful comparisons. Learn the lived experiences of six young women who have grown up in this online era, and their ideas for creating an online culture that embodies self-love and diversity.

The Privacy Deficit: Tech(nically) Politics Episode 4

Why are digital tech companies allowed to gather so much data on us that it feels like they’re tracking our every move? Six young people share their eerie online experiences and their demands for more privacy.

The Next Generation: Tech(nically) Politics Episode 5

We’re under 21 and already worried about the health of the next generation in this profit-driven digital world. Listen to six young people speak about the need for greater tech regulation to protect the well-being of their siblings, cousins, friends, and future kids.

We created the mini-docuseries to spark action. Join the movement to create a safer digital world:

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