10 Questions Twitter Employees Probably Wish They Could Ask Elon Musk

Elon Musk is speaking at Twitter’s "All-Hands" meeting, and we know Twitter employees have a lot of questions they wish they could ask.

Kaili Lambe

Elon Musk is speaking at Twitter’s “All-Hands” meeting Thursday, and we know Twitter employees have a lot of questions they wish they could ask – maybe some even did submit them ahead of time, but we doubt the meeting’s moderator, marketing chief Leslie Berland, will cover these burning questions:

If you succeed in taking over Twitter…

  1. Will you continue to publicly endanger the safety of Twitter employees like you did to Vijaya Gadde?
  2. Who do you intend to fire, and will we get severance?
  3. Will you follow through with your plans to unravel content moderation standards and allow violent hate speech on the platform?
  4. Did you try to manipulate Twitter’s stock price to drive down the cost of your acquisition?
  5. Will you sweep cases of workplace harassment, racial discrimination, or your own sexual harassment under the rug as you have done at Tesla and Space X?
  6. How will you handle the time demands of running three companies?
  7. Will we be compelled to work from the office after being promised a remote-work policy?
  8. Do you still intend to let Trump back on Twitter, even after the January 6th Committee has made abundantly clear he used the platform to foment a violent coup?
  9. Are you aware that your adventures of the ego (space tourism) are accelerating our climate crisis and will you roll back Twitter’s climate disinfo policies?
  10. How will you meet your ambitious revenue goals? Can Twitter users expect to have their privacy violated – do you plan to monetize people’s data further?

If you’d rather not find out the answers to these questions, join the coalition campaign to Stop The Deal.

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