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Thank 42 state attorneys general for suing Meta

Add your name in a show of support to the attorneys general suing Meta for addicting and harming kids on Instagram and Facebook.

For years, platforms like Meta’s Instagram have knowingly sucked kids into addictive and compulsive social media use.

And yet they’ve done nothing about it – choosing to prioritize advertiser profits over the well-documented, real-world harms their products have created for kids.

Finally, a massive group of state attorneys general is suing to correct this problem – but they’re already facing well-funded pressure from Big Tech to drop the lawsuit. Add your name: Co-sign our letter of support to these courageous state attorneys general to tell them – we’ve got your back!

Join the fight to rein in Big Tech.

Big Tech companies are some of the most powerful and profitable companies in history, presenting new threats to the safety of communities and the health of democracy. We’re taking them on through legislation, regulation and direct advocacy.