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Tell Meta to label state-controlled media

Add your name to demand that Meta label state-controlled media outlets on Instagram and Facebook going into a critical election year across the world.

Foreign governments have mounted extensive operations to influence American elections in the past, and they’re already hard at work doing so again in the run-up to this year’s presidential election.

In a new report we’ve just released, we found that Facebook and Instagram are failing to live up to these labeling commitments – and even when they do, the design of the labels is not prominent enough to attract attention.

We know that labeling works to stop the spread of false information. When social media users notice labels on content from state-controlled media outlets for authoritarian governments like China or Russia, they are significantly less likely to engage with that content.

Sign the petition today and tell Meta: You have a special responsibility to protect our democracy this year. It’s time to live up to your commitment to clearly label state-controlled media outlets!

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