Big Tech’s Toxic Business Model Could Land Abortion Seekers in Jail. Here’s How to Stop Them.

Virtually everything we do online is tracked by companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon, from what we buy to the news we read. This type of surveillance isn’t just a byproduct of these companies’ products — collecting and monetizing user data is a fundamental part of their business models. Now, it could land abortion-seekers in jail.

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Mercury News
Aug 16, 2020
Facebook is a hate-for-profit machine. Here’s a quick fix

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Zach Praiss Zach Praiss
Jun 21, 2021
Don’t throw out the Digital Services Act’s key accountability tools

The Digital Services Act’s provisions on risk assessment and audit must stay and be improved if we are to hold tech companies accountable for harmful business models and rights violations.

Zach Praiss Zach Praiss

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