Statement on Antitrust Lawsuits Brought Against Facebook

For Immediate Release:
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Accountable Tech cofounder Jesse Lehrich released the following statement regarding the antitrust lawsuits brought against Facebook by the Federal Trade Commission and 48 attorneys general:

“The lawsuits filed today send a strong message to Facebook that their era of impunity is coming to an end. For years, Facebook has exploited its gatekeeper status to further entrench its monopoly power. Free from competition, the company has felt no obligation for the well-being of its users or our democracy, boosting disinformation and extremism to maximize profits.

We should be clear-eyed that unwinding the acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp cannot unwind the harms Facebook has inflicted on society. But today is a good day for accountability, and it will not be the last. Tech giants would be wise to start behaving accordingly.”