Accountable Tech, 15 Partner Organizations Question Google’s Data Collection Practices For Those Seeking Abortion Care

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With Roe overturned, Accountable Tech Executive Director Nicole Gill released the following statement Thursday, following an open letter sent to Google calling on the tech giant to clarify how their data collection policies will protect those seeking abortion care:

“The devastating Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade has turned Big Tech’s surveillance tools, and the troves of sensitive data they collect, into a weapon-in-waiting that will be deployed against people seeking reproductive care. As states rush to enact draconian anti-abortion laws, and the personal liberties of Americans have come under siege, Big Tech must be unwavering in their commitment to protecting our privacies or they will be complicit in the persecution of their customers. Virtue signaling and half-measures will not cut it.

Google’s earlier announcement regarding changes to its policies to delete data entries from Location History lends to the acknowledgement that the datasets it retains creates serious risks for its users – and that it has a responsibility towards protecting our privacy. But a recent report from the Tech Transparency Project demonstrates that this policy update has significant gaps — gaps that will have detrimental consequences.

In a joint letter with 16 leading digital, civil, and reproductive rights organizations, Accountable Tech is demanding answers from Google to eight specific questions about their data practices in light of their inadequate protections for the safety, security and freedom of Americans in a post-Roe world.”