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Apr 27, 2023
A Brief History of Elon Musk Saying One Thing and Doing Another at Twitter

“Throughout his career, Musk has had an almost pathological need to promise grand visions and make himself the center of attention,” says Jesse Lehrich, co-founder of Accountable Tech, an advocacy group. “He’s very Trumpian in his need to capture media attention with constantly-shifting promises, which everyone in the media covers, and then it never happens.”

Avatar Victoria Vinall
Sep 22, 2021
A New Campaign Asks Facebook Users to Log Off. Will It Have an Impact?

“Users logging off creates momentum that feeds into the need for greater regulation,” says Rishi Bharwani of Accountable Tech, a Washington-based tech reform advocacy group that is part of the coalition working on the Logout campaign. “These things all reinforce each other and create a groundswell of support for meaningful change.”

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