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Apr 10, 2024
Hundreds of creators sign letter slamming Meta’s limit on political content

Hundreds of creators, convened by GLAAD and Accountable Tech, have signed an open letter demanding that Instagram make the political content limit an opt-in feature, rather than on by default.

Giliann Karon Giliann Karon
Oct 22, 2021
Tech watchdog campaign challenges big tech for hiding behind small business

"But counter to the warm and fuzzy anecdotes that Big Tech has rolled out over the years, some business owners struggle with relying so heavily on massive, opaque corporations and often have little recourse if things go wrong. Those struggles are the kind of thing that tech watchdog group Accountable Tech wants to draw attention to with its new awareness push, 'Main Street Against Big Tech.'”

Kenya Juarez Kenya Juarez
Jan 18, 2021
New privacy bill would put major limits on targeted advertising

"Privacy-minded companies including search engine maker DuckDuckGo and Proton, creator of ProtonMail, backed the legislation along with organizations including the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), the Anti-Defamation League, Accountable Tech and Common Sense Media."

Kenya Juarez Kenya Juarez

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