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Jun 26, 2024
Supreme Court Backs White House on Social Media Post Removal

Some election experts said the court’s decision will enable the government and platforms to work more closely together to prevent foreign influence campaigns during the election season. Nicole Gill, executive director of tech watchdog group Accountable Tech, said cooperation is “essential to preserving public safety and a healthy democracy.”

Giliann Karon Giliann Karon
Jan 18, 2024
Google Tracking of Abortion Clinic Visits Spurs Complaint to FTC

The complaint was also signed by the nonprofit tech watchdog project Accountable Tech, which found in November 2023 that in eight experiments across the country, Google retained abortion seekers’ location data about half of the time. The findings, first reported by The Guardian, followed a similar Accountable Tech analysis in 2022 finding that Google was still retaining the data weeks after the announced policy change. The complaint says that practice puts Google afoul of its 2011 FTC Consent order agreeing to not misrepresent how it maintains and protects the privacy of data including physical location.

Giliann Karon Giliann Karon
Dec 14, 2023
Transcript: A Poll on X Isn’t ‘Super Scientific’

"We've found in reporting supported by a nonprofit digital rights group, Accountable Tech, that with less than a hundred dollars, you can buy tens of thousands of votes for a Twitter poll easily."

Zach Praiss Zach Praiss
Oct 05, 2021
Facebook Whistle-Blower to Share ‘Frightening Truth’ With Senate

Bloomberg: "According to Rishi Bharwani, policy director for Accountable Tech, a group that advocates for reforms to social media, 'these companies are so large that no single legislative intervention will fully mitigate their societal harms.'”

Kenya Juarez Kenya Juarez

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