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Wyden urges FTC to safeguard abortion clinic visitors’ location data

Shortly after the Dobbs decision, Google committed to deleting the location data of consumers visiting reproductive clinics. Subsequent investigations, however, have uncovered that Google continues to retain location data for people visiting abortion clinics. A study conducted by Accountable Tech and released last month found that Google retains location data history in these cases about 50 percent of the time.

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Tech Policy Press
Apr 22, 2024
Meta’s New Default Limits on “Political Content” Weaken Free Expression Online

In response, on behalf of 200+ creators, Accountable Tech and GLAAD sent an open letter to Meta speaking out against the changes, which have several implications for free expression, especially during an election year in the US and globally.

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The Hill
Apr 18, 2024
Instagram’s shift away from political content raises questions about what counts as ‘political’

GLAAD, an LGBTQ advocacy group that organized the open letter from creators alongside Accountable Tech, called the decision to include social topics as part of political content an “appalling move.”

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