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Rein in Big Tech’s Monopoly Power

Republicans and Democrats are coming together to bring an end to Big Tech’s era of impunity with historic bipartisan legislation in Congress.

The improbable rise of our modern tech giants once epitomized the endless possibility of Silicon Valley. But the reality today is a far cry from that idealism.

Those former-upstarts have exploited their dominance to unfairly entrench their monopoly power and crush potential rivals. Far from embodying national interests, these monopolistic abuses serve to chill innovation and deprive the next generation of American entrepreneurs of opportunity.

We need new safeguards to level the playing field and prevent egregious abuses like the ones below:

  1. The American Innovation and Choice Online Act (S. 2992 / H.R. 3816) will prevent dominant platforms from rigging marketplaces – by self-preferencing and picking winners and losers – and increase opportunity for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Rather than gatekeepers constantly favoring their own products or kneecapping competitors to pad their profits, this bill would level the playing field and put real choice in the hands of consumers.
  2. The Open App Markets Act (S. 2710 / H.R. 7030) will set fair, clear, and enforceable rules to protect competition and strengthen consumer protections within the app market. Google and Apple have gatekeeper control of the dominant mobile operating systems and their app stores that allow them to exclusively dictate the terms of the app market, inhibiting competition and restricting consumer choice.

Unchecked monopoly power has allowed Big Tech to harm users, kneecap nascent rivals, and rig marketplaces without consequence. The bipartisan bills would finally curtail these gatekeepers’ most egregious abuses – like unfairly boosting their own products and extracting monopoly rents across the digital economy – and force them to start competing on the merits again.

Urge your Members of Congress to rein in Big Tech with new bipartisan antitrust legislation:

Join the fight to rein in Big Tech.

Big Tech companies are some of the most powerful and profitable companies in history, presenting new threats to the safety of communities and the health of democracy. We’re taking them on through legislation, regulation and direct advocacy.