Unchecked Big Tech is a threat to society and democracy.

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Assessing the Privacy Policies of Pharmacy Prescription Coupon Companies

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Prescription coupon apps like GoodRx provide patients with digital coupons to save money on prescription medications. But how well are they protecting your personal data?

Google is Still Failing to Protect Privacy of Abortion Seekers



Data from seven states across the U.S. shows that Google still collects and retains Location History data for visits to abortion clinics despite the company promising in July 2022 to “delete these entries from Location History soon after they visit."

State-Controlled Media Labels Report



A new report from Accountable Tech finds that Instagram and Facebook are failing to appropriately label content from accounts controlled by Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia.

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Tell Google to Delete Users’ Location Data
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Based on our research, Google is still collecting and retaining sensitive location data that could be used to prosecute those seeking or assisting with reproductive health care. Join us in urging Google to stop this dangerous practice of data collection and retention.
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Stop Toxic Twitter
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Join us and partner organizations in calling on Twitter’s top advertisers to stop spending on the platform as Elon Musk has rolled back community and brand safety standards. A dollar to Twitter is a dollar to rising levels of hate, extremism, and disinformation on and offline.
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Ban Surveillance Advertising
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Big Tech’s toxic business model of surveillance advertising is fueling the spread of extremism and disinformation online by feeding users whatever content keeps them clicking and scrolling. Join us in urging Congress to ban surveillance advertising.
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Jul 12, 2024

Accountable Tech on Meta Removing Trump Account Restrictions
Accountable Tech Co-Founder and Executive Director Nicole Gill issued the following statement on Meta removing its restrictions to former President Trump’s accounts ahead of the 2024 elections:
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Washington Post

Jul 09, 2024

Biden’s tech and telecom enforcers to face a hostile House GOP
Zamaan Qureshi, previously of the “Real Facebook Oversight Board” advocacy group, is joining Accountable Tech as a campaigns associate. He will remain as co-chair of the youth-led advocacy group Design It For Us.

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