Statement on the EU’s Digital Markets Act

For Immediate Release
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Accountable Tech Co-Founder Jesse Lehrich issued the following statement Thursday in response to EU negotiators reaching a final agreement on the Digital Markets Act: 

“The agreement struck Thursday finalizing the Digital Markets Act (DMA) is a transformational moment in the movement to rein in Big Tech’s monopoly abuses – not just in the EU, but globally. Facing unfathomable lobbying by industry to kill this effort, the Europeans’ resolve only hardened. The result is a law that will fundamentally overhaul competition rules in digital markets, crack down on the most egregious behavior gatekeepers deploy to entrench their dominance, and clear the way for more innovation and greater consumer choice.

The DMA sends a clear message that it is possible to take on Big Tech and its army of lobbyists and win. It should also send a clear message to American lawmakers that if they fail to meet this moment and rewrite the outdated laws governing American Tech giants, the rules will be written without them.”