Accountable Tech Launches Facebook Ads Targeting Facebook Employees As More Stand Up To Zuckerberg

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Accountable Tech launched a five-figure ad buy Tuesday aimed specifically at reaching Facebook employees on their own platform, as more and more boldly express their outrage over the path being charted by the company’s leadership.

The ads – which were placed in advance of Facebook’s internal town hall Tuesday – feature quotes from Mark Zuckerberg that can’t be squared with his recent inaction on posts that incite violence and spread disinformation about voting.

“It’s been inspiring to see Facebook employees stand up for what they believe in, and speak truth to power at this critical moment in American history – something Mark Zuckerberg refuses to do,” said Accountable Tech co-founder Jesse Lehrich. “We applaud their courage and hope Facebook’s leadership will find some of their own. The company’s societal impact is incalculable, and so is the harm done when they betray their own stated values in order to protect profits.”

Below is a sampling of those ads: