California Assembly Passes Landmark Bill to Protect Young People Online

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Accountable Tech Executive Director Nicole Gill issued the following statement Thursday on the passage of the The California Age-Appropriate Design Code Act in the State Assembly:

“Today’s unanimous passage of the California Age-Appropriate Design Code Act in the State Assembly represents a massive step forward in the fight to protect kids and teens online.

After years of impunity for tech companies that prioritize profits over the wellbeing of our children, this ambitious legislation would flip the script and force them to put minors’ best interests first. It takes direct aim at the defining features of the broken status quo – the pervasive surveillance, profiling, and manipulation of young people – and promises a future in which privacy, safety, and transparency are the default.

And it’s not just California families that stand to benefit. A similar law recently enacted in the UK has already led Silicon Valley giants to roll out new protections for young people globally; a mandate from their home state would bring about a sea change. That’s exactly why Accountable Tech is so committed to getting this landmark bill across the finish line.”

Additional Background:

  • New polling from Accountable Tech + Data For Progress shows 90% of California voters support the Age-Appropriate Design Code Act. Last year, AT commissioned a separate, nationwide poll of parents that found equally overwhelming support for expanding minors’ online protections.

  • Accountable Tech helped hundreds of young Californians make their voices heard in support of the bill through petitions, storytelling, and contact-your-legislator tools ahead of the vote – part of AT’s ongoing work to ensure young people have a seat at the table.

  • Learn more about the Design Code, and the sweeping coalition of advocates who have endorsed it, at