Accountable Tech Statement on Mass Exodus of Twitter’s Safety, Security, and Privacy Experts

For Immediate Release
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Accountable Tech Co-Founder and Executive Director Nicole Gill released the following statement after news that Twitter’s heads of trust and safety, security, privacy, compliance, human resources, and sales had all left the company:

“Elon Musk is incinerating his new $44 billion toy like it’s a self-driving Tesla, and the rest of us are engulfed in the flames.

He drove major advertisers away by tweeting outrageous conspiracy theories and reckless plans, allowing rampant hate speech to flourish, destroying verification, and summarily firing half of his employees via unsigned email before he understood the first thing about the business.

And in just the last two days, he has hosted a catastrophic advertiser town hall, demanded all staff return to the office in his first ever formal communication, told employees the company might go bankrupt, and pushed out Twitter’s heads of Trust and Safety, Information Security, Privacy, Compliance, Human Resources, and Sales.

This hellscape is going to get more hellish. More hate speech and harassment. More deception and impersonation. More privacy and security risks for all of us. We would once again tell advertisers to jump ship, but at this point, no CMO in their right mind needs that advice.”