Accountable Tech Demands Oversight and Accountability at Meta

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“Mark Zuckerberg has long exploited the unilateral control of Meta he wields – fueled by his supermajority of voting shares and Congressional inaction – to operate with brazen disregard for the best interests of the billions of users relying on his products. It’s become clear now that shareholders, too, will pay the price for his negligence. Rocked by a slew of revelations ranging from his platforms’ impact on kids’ mental health and global democracy, to their unsustainable reliance on surveillance advertising, Meta has lost half its value since September. Even if shareholders can’t override his veto-proof grip on power, they can send a clear message – to the CEO and policymakers alike – that it’s past time for real oversight and accountability. They can #MakeMarkListen, or demand that Congress enact structural reforms.”