Reining In Big Tech’s <span>Monopoly Power</span>

Reining In Big Tech’s Monopoly Power

Republicans and Democrats are coming together to bring an end to Big Tech’s era of impunity with a historic bipartisan legislative package in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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Everyone Opt Out of Facebook's Cross-App Tracking

Apple’s new software update allows users to opt out of Facebook’s cross-app surveillance. With a click of a button, we can cut down on the mass-monetization of our personal data.

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Everyone Opt Out <span>of Facebook's Cross-App Tracking </span>
Ban Surveillance Advertising

Ban Surveillance Advertising

Big Tech’s toxic business model is undermining democracy. Accountable Tech is bringing together leaders across a broad range of issues and industries to call for bold reform.

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Open Letter to the Biden-Harris Administration

We are calling on the Biden-Harris Administration to treat disinformation as an intersectional threat.

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<span>Open Letter</span> to the Biden-Harris Administration
Tell Facebook: <span>Stop All Group Recommendations</span>

Tell Facebook: Stop All Group Recommendations

Hidden breeding grounds for disinformation campaigns and organizing platforms for extremists, Facebook Groups pose a singular threat to this election season.

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Demand Social Media Platforms Protect Democracy

Social media companies must act now to prevent the spread of dangerous election-related lies.

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Demand Social Media Platforms <span>Protect Democracy</span>
Facebook: <span>Turn Off The Algorithms</span>

Facebook: Turn Off The Algorithms

The Facebook news feed and recommendation tools promote hate for profit. It's time for Facebook to turn off the algorithms.

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Facebook’s Oversight Board Needs to Speak Up or Step Down

Take action to stop Facebook from profiting off hate and undermining democracy. It’s time for the Oversight Board members to speak up or step down.

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Facebook’s Oversight Board Needs to <span>Speak Up or Step Down</span>
Weekly Newsletter: <span>Technical Difficulties</span>

Weekly Newsletter: Technical Difficulties

A weekly newsletter by Jesse Lehrich capturing the stories you missed from the infocalypse, and offering hot takes on the biggest headlines.

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